Welcome on this Python script site.

Python is an easy to learn programming language that allows you to automate simple tasks and build complicated programs. Whether it is data analytics, sending emails, processing excel data, making smaller images or automating daily tasks, python makes it possible. On this site you will find my python scripts that make my daily life easier.

Get Google Analytics pageviews with python

So I was thinking, how to get live pageviews to show on my Jekyll site. A Jekyll site is a static site, it’s generated for display as static HTML pages. It’s not generated at every view but only once when it’s uploaded to de server. And when it is re-uploaded. So you can’t really show “live” pages views…. or can you?
Send files with Gmail using a python script

Sending an email with python 3 is very easy, but you can also send attachments with Python 3 and Gmail. Now as I do not like doing stuff twice I wanted to have a script that would send files from a folder as separate emails. And that is exactly what this python script does. It takes a folder and for every file a mail with that file is created and send to a email address.
Fraction calculations in Python

Calculating fractions in python is very easy. There are build in Fractions functions to calculate all kind of Fractions. So my eldest son had some homework where he had to do some calculations with fractions. As he hates doing homework I always try to persuade him to do make his homework. So the other day I made a bet with him. I told him I could write a small script that would calculate any of this homework calculations within the time he needed to actually do the calculation. Python won :-)