Theo van der Sluijs Hi, my name is Theo van der Sluijs. Since 2017 I became a bit of a Python lover. I’ve been developing whole my life, since 1983, started when I was 7 years old having nothing more than a Commodore 64 and I have been developing in many many languages: Basic, ASP (classic), PowerBuilder, LotusScript, Lotus Notes Formula, ASP.NET, VisualBasic, Bash, Javascript, C#, ABAP, PDF Interactive Forms script, ActionScript, PHP…. well you get the idea.

As it once was my profession, I still like to develop something every day. I’m not fixated on only one developers language so if I think I can use it, I start developing in that language.

I like to automate everything. I don’t like doing manual work (other than developing) and I hate doing the same work twice. So AUTO-MATION is the word! If I can solve it with code, I will solve it with code!

Next to developing I’ve always liked writing blog posts. Just writing about stuff online on one of my many blogs. Since I really have been writing a lot of Python code, I’ve become addicted to this language and I’ve been thinking about putting a blog online for this. And that is where saw the daylight.

I’m not going to tell you I’m the best developer out there. Because I’m not! But I write a lot of usable code that you can use, change and improve. And I like sharing it with you.

If you found an error in my code, have improvements, have a remark, question or any concern, let me know!

Have fun!

Theo van der Sluijs